Air Handler Repair and Maintenance Services in the West Houston Area

The air handler is the unit that regulates and circulates air throughout your home. Air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces all have air handling units that require regular maintenance and timely repair in order to ensure your continued comfort.

Quality Air offers professional air handler repair and maintenance throughout West Houston, TX–including all six cities in the Memorial Villages:

Piney Point Village
Hedwig Village
Hilshire Village

Whether you need to have your air conditioner tuned up or your heat pump or furnace repaired, we will provide a thorough inspection of the air handler to identify any issues and make sure you receive the best solution for your home.

Give us a call today to discuss your heating or cooling concerns. We will have your air handler safely repaired or maintained for long-term peace of mind. Serving the heating and air conditioning needs of West Houston, TX and all of the Memorial Villages.

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At Quality Air, we explain and help evaluate all your options so we can figure out the best solutions for your home and budget. Our knowledgeable technicians are licensed, insured, background-checked and employees of the company. We make sure we can take care of your comfort needs to the best of our ability.

Get Professional Answers to Air Handler Problems:

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At Quality Air we are committed to helping you resolve your heating and air conditioning problems safely and efficiently. We will take the time to look over the problem and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. 

Some of the more common air handler problems we handle include blower motor damage, frozen coils, and leaks.

Frozen evaporator coil

Dirty air filters will cause dirt and dust to enter the evaporator coils, which can cause the coils to freeze due to a lack of airflow. Low refrigerant levels and blockages in your duct system can also result in frozen coils. This problem will require professional assistance. Our experts will thaw your system and carry out the necessary repair to bring your AC or heat pump back to peak efficiency.

Leaks (cooling systems)

Since your air conditioner (or heat pump, if it’s also used for cooling) works to remove warm air from your home, condensation can become an issue if there is a problem with the condensate drain lines. Blocked lines can lead to the drain pan overflowing, which will cause leaks around the air handler; your air conditioner or heat pump will likely stop running as well. Fortunately, this is an easy fix with professional help. Contact our experts to have the issue quickly resolved.

Blower motor damage

If the air handler is making loud noises, chances are there is a problem with the blower motor. You will experience a lack of cool or warm air as a result. Our experts can help you repair or replace the component and get your AC, heat pump, or furnace running efficiently as soon as possible.

Air Handler Maintenance in

West Houston, Texas

The last thing you want to have is a heating or cooling problem. And the most effective way to reduce your chances of experiencing AC or furnace trouble is to have your equipment maintained. Preventive maintenance will help your comfort systems last longer and maximize your energy savings. 

We can help you fully inspect, tune up, and clean your heating and air conditioning systems–including the air handler. Our experts will check all components to ensure proper operation, replace any damaged parts, and alert you to potential problems.

Call now to schedule professional air handler repair or maintenance in the West Houston, TX area and all six of the Memorial Villages.

John responded to our after hours service call. He arrived at the time promised and assessed our AC problem and had it fixed in no time. We have been a customer since the 1990’s and will continue to be! Highly recommend Quality Air.
Scott Stevens
Scott Stevens
18:11 14 Oct 21
John did his usual great job!
Phil Clevenger
Phil Clevenger
03:06 14 Oct 21
John, always does a great job of fixing the problem. Other employees have been good, also. We have used Quality Air for probably 20 years. They have installed units and do the regular maintenance of our air conditioning and heating. They are professional and always respectful. After the polar Vortex this past year they came quickly to take care of a heating adjustment after the electricity returned. That was much appreciated.
Barbara Morris
Barbara Morris
21:15 05 Oct 21
Prompt service. No cleanup after service.
13:39 29 Sep 21
We have been using Quality Air for our air conditioning needs for several years and have been thoroughly pleased with them. Their technicians are personable and very knowledgeable. A few months ago we had a new system installed and even though it must have been at least 120 degrees in our attic, they got it in and we now have a cool upstairs again. This past weekend, our older unit quit working. I called their emergency number and talked to Greg. He came to our house the next morning and had the unit up and running in no time even though it was a Sunday. I highly recommend them and everyone of their employees.
Sam McGowan
Sam McGowan
17:55 20 Sep 21
Ethan was always one step ahead for every question I had. Very professional and friendly. Very impressed with this company. Thank you quality air! Thank you ethan and mack!
Clinton Sanford
Clinton Sanford
01:22 19 Sep 21
They always do their best to get to me as soon as they can. Always do a great job and take care in doing their work on my units. Their workers are always professional.
Kevin Morosin
Kevin Morosin
18:00 02 Sep 21
1 Hour Heating and AC tried to charge me $1,250 for a new circuit board. I had John from Quality Air out to check it out. He was able to identify the problem, which ended up actually not being the circuit board and get our AC up and running for a tiny fraction of the price. Will definitely use Quality Air again when we eventually replace the whole system.
Brian Raupp
Brian Raupp
21:12 30 Aug 21
We had a problem with the AC on Sunday and because of the hot weather the house was heating up quickly. we called for a weekend service call and had John arrive within an hour. After 4 hours of hard work and a very reasonable service charge we were back in business with our house getting cool again. We have used Quality Air for over 20+ years and have always been very satisfied with both their work and their charges.
G Brown
G Brown
18:12 30 Aug 21

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